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miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Cycle-Tourism Cordoba-Seville

Cycle-Tourism Cordoba-Seville

RutasSur has designed a cycle route to link the monumental cities of Cordoba and Seville by green-ways, public ways and agricultural paths.  The itinerary starts from the Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba and finishes in Spain Square in Seville. Overall, 170 km across Andalucian  agricultural landscapes by paths suitable to practice cycle-tourism.

Concerning the landscape, the route passes across crops of cereals, sunflowers and olive orchards, in which we can see typical Andalucian farmhouses.  In these agricultural areas it is surprising the high bird diversity that we can see while we are pedalling, like red-legged partridge, black stork, Corn bunting, Common skylark, European goldfinch, Song thrush, Stone-curlew, Common kestrel... It is also noteworthy the stretch along the Guadiara River.

During the route we also visit several villages with a rich historical heritage, like Ecija and Carmona; typical Andalucian villages like Fuentes de Andalusia; monuments like the Alcalá de Guadaria’s Castle; the monumental city of Cordoba, whose old town was declared as Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO; and Seville, with the largest old town of Spain, which contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Alcázar palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies.

RutasSur offers all the logistic support to carry out the itinerary as a self-guided route. We provide the maps, tracks for the GPS, roadbook, information of the interesting points, an accident insurance... Together with the travel agency Rutas y Ocio SL we also book the accommodation in hotels where you can keep your bikes, and we perform the transport from Seville to Cordoba (and vice versa). Optionally, we can also transport the backpacks everyday from the start to the finish point. If the participants demand it, we can also provide support vehicle. The participants only have to enjoy the experience, view the landscape, try the typical gastronomy and talk with the local inhabitants. 

There are three modalities available according to your physical condition, or the days that you want to spend in this adventure. The modalities are:

Cycle-Tourism MTB 3 stages
We recommend this option to those tourists who want to perform this trip more slowly, enjoying the landscape, and visiting the villages. This option has three stages with an average distance of 55 km. The accommodation will take place in Ecija and Carmona, two cities with a lot of monuments and a great environment, perfect to walk and enjoy after each stage.

Stage1: Cordoba-Ecija 56 km
Stage 2: Ecija-Carmona 65 km
Stage 3: Carmona-Seville 50 km

Cycle Tourism MTB 2 stages
Option A
Stage 1: Cordoba-Ecija 56 km
Stage 2: Ecija-Carmona 65 km
Option B
Stage1: Ecija-Carmona 65 km
Stage2: Carmona-Seville 50 km

Sport MTB 2 stages
Indented for those bikers with level. The intermediate point will be Marchena, where we stay overnight.
Stage 1: Cordoba-Marchena 105 km
Stage 2: Marchena-Seville 80 km

Basic Package: Includes accommodation with breakfast in Ecija and Carmona or in Marchena for the Cycle-Tourism and the Sport option respectively; (track, roadbook, information..); accident insurance and transport Seville-Cordoba.

Extra: backpacks’ transport, dinner in accommodation, support vehicle, bikes hiring, and the initial and final accommodation in Cordoba and Seville.

More information / Request a budget:

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